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On the Specifics of Ukrainian Landlords

The rental market in Ukraine is relatively young and does not yet have strict rules of renter -landlord interaction. It's possible because of this, that foreign first-time lessees sometimes find certain things strange. Further on we'll examine the main differences between the Ukrainian and foreign apartment rental market .

Landlords prefer fixed rental prices in euros or dollars .

This fact is easy to explain when you take into account the constant devaluation of the national currency . In signing a long term rental contract, the owner insures themselves from the possible fall of their revenue . Actually, listing rental prices in foreign currency is a violation of Ukraine regulations , and yet, owners continue to find loopholes.

Landlords dislike registering tenants

According to regulations, foreigners who arrive to work in Ukraine need to register their place of residence . It seems like there's nothing difficult about this if you have a lease . However, this problem is deeply rooted in the Soviet past . In the Soviet Union, (and up until 2001 in Ukraine), there was a complicated registration procedure. Government registration was mandatory for all citizens, and we were responsible for any violations.

Registration, far from having one purpose, also functioned as a way to distribute housing, subsidies, medical services, education, military, etc. This way, citizens who were assigned an apartment had claimed to it . Now, it's become a problem. Regardless of the fact that registration has long been simplified and has a different role in daily life , apartment property owners are reluctant to register their renters , being inclined to believe that this registration somehow gives the lessees their own right to the property . As a matter of fact, in April 2016, the registration process was amended and simplified for both citizens and foreign renters .

Landlords do not ask recommendations from renters.

The rental market is still young enough to form a tradition of asking recommendation letters from lessees . Some landlords do not even understand why they should document all the various rules of the lease , and instead sign one page rental agreements.

Landlords worry about their property

It's true that the relationship of Ukrainians to their real estate is more trepidatious than , for example, Americans '. For us, real estate is something that we pass on to our children , it's something that carries weight and is incredibly important . This is probably what explains the lack of popularity of low -quality housing. A house should stand for generations. Because of this, owners expect very careful treatment of their apartments, and are grieved by any damage done to them .

These are probably the main, albeit not the only, specificities of Ukrainian apartment owners.